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Air Sea Transport (H.K.) Limited

American Intermodal Container Line (HK) Limited

AO Freight (HK) Limited

Blume Global, Inc

Cargo Services Far East Limited

China Global Lines Limited

CL International Forwarding Agency Co Ltd

Datadevelop Consulting Ltd.

DCH Logistics Co., Ltd.

Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Department of Supply Chain and Information Management, The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong

Ensign Freight Ltd.

Fat Kee Stevedores Limited

Geek Plus International Co., Ltd.

Global Cargo (Far East) Ltd.

Golden Fortune Shipping Co., Ltd.

Haishing Logistics Company Limited

Hot-Line Int’l Transport (HK) Limited

IEC Express (Hong Kong) Limited

Icreatec Limited

Intertek Testing Services Hong Kong Limited

Jiabin Logistics Network Limited

Joint Effort Logistics (HK) Limited

J&S Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd.

Kinth Technology (Hong Kong) Limited

Linde Material Handling Hong Kong Ltd.

Logistics and Supply Chain Multitech R&D Centre Limited

Logistics Worldwide Limited

Mitsubishi Logistics Hong Kong Limited

National Container Line (H.K.) Limited

New whappiness Supply Chain Management (Sehnzhen) Co. Ltd.

One Port Limited

Pan World Shipping Co

Panda Logistics Limited

Regional Container Lines (HK) Limited

PGS CBEL Company Ltd

Plus One Global Consulting Limited

Scanwell Logistics (HK) Limited

Seatop Freight Services Limited

SITC Shipping Agency (HK) Co., Ltd.

Sky Eagle (Chin Hung) Logistics Limited

Swivel Software Limited

Transland Shipping Limited

Vinpac Lines (Hong Kong) Limited

Wangfoong Transportation Limited

Wen-Parker Logistics (H.K.) Co. Ltd.

White Camel Co., Ltd


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Member Name

Mr. Alex Chan

Mr. Alex Wong

Dr. Andy Sun

Mr. Au Kin Man

Dr. Byron Lee 

Mr. CK Ng, Deforest

Ir. Dannies Ho

Mr. Eric MS Wong

Dr. Eugene Wong

Ms. Jenny Lok

Dr. Joseph Lau

Ms. Juan Rao

Ms. Kathina Wong

Mr. Kelvin Ng

Mr. Keric Tao

Mr. Kevin Koon

Mr. KH Ng

Mr. Kingson Lee

Mr. Lit Fung

Mr. Louis Lee

Mr. Marky Mak

Mr. Matthew Cheng

Mr. Raymond Chung

Ms. Rita Chan

Dr. Roger Chan

Ms. Satti Wong

Mr. Simon Au

Dr. Simon Yuen

Dr. Stephen Ho

Mr. Sydney Chan

Mr. Thomas Yuen

Mr. Tony Wong

Ir. Dr. Yip Tsz Leung

* by alphabetic order


Member Name

Mr. Andy Ng

Mr. Edwin Pang

Ms. Emma Zhou

Ms. Freda Ma

Mr. Jason Tai

Mr. John Yu

Mr. Kammy Leung

Mr. Kenny Ng

Mr. Lance So

Mr. Michael Cheng

Miss Michelle Yuen

Mr. Patrick Au Yeung

Mr. Paul Cheung

Ms. Prudence Chan

Mr. Ronald Lee

Mr. Ronald Sum

Mr. William Leung

* by alphabetic order


Member Name

Mr. Andy Ng

Mr. Eman Lai

Mr. Kelvin Lo

Mr. Stanley Chan

Mr. Xiang Chenghao

Miss Wu Zhongqing

* by alphabetic order


Member Name

Mr. Authur Chung

Mr. Alex Yau

Mr. Decky Lee

Ms. Norman Chiu

Mr. Tam Wing Hong

Mr. Yeung Siu Cheung

* by alphabetic order


Member Name

Mr. Hui Ka Man

Miss Yip Nga Man

* by alphabetic order