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Mr. Gary Yin

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Mr. Simon Wong

Simon Wong

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Ir. Stephen Chan

Stephen Chan

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Mr. Sunny Ho

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Hon Frankie Yick

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20th 2021-2022 Executive Committee Members

Dr Byron Lee



Chairman Photo

Mr. Byron Lee has more than 45 years of experience in shipping, freight forwarding and logistics business.  Mr. Byron Lee was elected as the chairman of Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association from 2013 to 2014, 2017 to 2018 and re-elected as a chairman from 2021-2022.  He was a member of the Hong Kong Maritime and Port Board between 

1 May 2017 and 31 March 2018, a member of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council Logistics Services Advisory Committee between 1 April 2013 and 31 March 2017, and an institutional member of the Hong Kong Port Development Council between 1 January 2013 and 31 December 2016.

Mr. Byron Lee, founded the CGL group  which include China Global Lines Ltd and CGL Flying Fish Logistics ( Shanghai ) Ltd in 1999 & 2005 respectively ,  Mr. Byron Lee  is Chairman and  chief executive officer of  the CGL group that employ more than 100 colleagues with 7 offices in China & Hong Kong. . He is responsible for corporate strategic planning and overall business development of CGL group..

Mr. Byron Lee obtained a Diploma in Management Studies jointly awarded by Hong Kong Polytechnic (which is currently known as the Hong Kong Polytechnic University) and Hong Kong Management Association in Hong Kong in June 1985. Mr. Byron Lee then obtained the Honorary Doctorate of Management from Lincoln University in California of the US in September 2010.

Mr Harman Ng



Harman serves as Senior VP of Solutions and Consultation for SinoServices International Technology, responsible for solutions development and delivery to clients throughout the world. Harman joined the company in 2007 and has over 20 years of broad experience in supply chain planning, logistics operations, eCommerce and IT management. 

Prior to joining SinoServices, Harman has held a several leadership positions with some of the world’s largest 3PL companies in Asia. Most recently, Harman served SITC Maritime in China as CIO, leading the IT infrastructure planning and restructuring the group’s IT resources to support its diverse business expansion. Prior to that, Harman spent 12 years with UPS, where he subsequently held increased management positions from District Information & System (I.S.) Manager to Asia Region I.S. Director.

Harman has rich industrial experience in transnational logistics operations in APAC, across BPR, IT budget, infrastructure planning and system development.

He has won many honors, such as 20 key figures driving China’s logistics Internet transformation,

Outstanding contribution person award of China’s e-commerce logistics, 

Annual personage of China’s procurement and supply chain, etc.

Ms. Bonnie Ip

Hon. Treasurer



Bonnie had joined the Shipping & Transportation industry in earlier 80s. She established her own business in 1986 and is the founder of a shipping company. She is rooted in Hong Kong and recognized as an entrepreneur in Hong Kong. Not only hard work, persistence and a vision that attribute to her success, more important, She keeps up with time so as not to be eliminated and enables herself staying profoundly in the industry for over 30 years. She therefore founded a logistic company, Pan World Logistics (HK) Ltd., in 2008. The company provides a 30,000 sq ft warehouse and providing local distribution service with its own fleet (including cool truck). The company also strives for providing one-stop warehousing and logistics solution in supply chain management. In 2016, an on-line shop that sells health, wellness & organic product was established. She is also an executive committee member of Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA) in the year 2017-2018.

Mr. Lit Fung

Hon. Secretary

Lit Fung_small

Mr Louis Lee


1150 Louis LEE

Mr. Felix Wong

Executive Committee

Felix Wong

黃禮堅先生於2015 年 創立Acquaintance Enterprises Limited。

這是一家致力於貨車物流軟件和通信平台研發的物流技術公司。該公司為香港、中國和不同東盟國家的貨運代理和貨運公司提供服務。在創業之前,Felix 在貨運代理和空運行業工作了超過 14 年,其中包括在瑞士、上海、成都和巴西的多年海外工作經驗。 Felix 是 2011 年由 FIATA、IATA 和 TT 俱樂部組織的青年國際貨運代理獎(亞太地區)的獲得者,他擁有香港理工大學物流與運輸學士學位和香港中文大學工商管理碩士學位。

Felix Wong is the cofounder of Acquaintance Enterprises Ltd which was established in 2015 as a logistics technologies company dedicated to the trucking logistics R&D and communication platform development. The company serves different sized freight forwarders and local trucking companies in Hong Kong and China. Before Felix started with this own venture, he worked in Panalpina China Limited for over 14 years including various year of overseas working experience in Switzerland, Shanghai, Chengdu and Brazil, with most of the time in airfreight and account management. He was the winner of Young International Freight forwarder Awarded (Asia Pacific) in 2011 organized by FIATA , IATA and TT club. He holds a BSc of logistics and transportation from Hong Kong Polytechnic University and an MBA from Chinese University of Hong Kong.

Mr. Danny Foo

Executive Committee


Mr. Kevin Koon

Executive Committee

Kevin Koon

從事物流行業超過12年,工作性質包括客戶的開發及維護; 香港與中國銷售團隊管理; 海外代理業務拓展……等。

在跨國物流,電商物流和物流產業人才培養方面有著獨特建樹, 對空運、 海運、倉儲管理及冷鏈物流擁有豐富經驗。

Serving in Freight forwarding industries over 12 years, job nature included client development & maintenance; HKG & China sales team management; oversea agent development…etc.

Have fully experience on Air freight, Sea freight, Warehousing & E-commerce logistics, especially on Global freight forwarding and Supply chain, Cold Chain logistics,,,etc. 

Prof. Stephen Ho

Executive Committee


Mr. Simon Liu

Executive Committee


Simon has more than 38 years extensive working experience in Freight & Logistics Industry, he is the founder of J&S Express (HK) Ltd, J & S Worldwide Logistics Ltd and J&S Global Service Ltd since 1996 – of which he develop and grew the business to be a premium freight and logistics company with 5 own branch offices in China. He is also the founder and Managing Director of J&S Supply Chain Management Co Ltd since 2014 – which manage to have own office and warehouse facility and over 1000 overseas agent network to offer a total logistics and supply chain management service 

He received his Master of Science in Logistics and Supply Chain Management in The Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tsinghua University in 2015 and Master of Business Administration in Xiamen University in 2013. He also received his PHD in Shanghai Finance and Economics University in 2021, served as VP of HongKong & Macau Taiwanese Association Ltd from 2018 to 2021 and Executive Committee and HK Representative of Global Logistics Council of Taiwan for 2 terms. 

劉孝超本人迄今在航運物流已超過38年經驗,在1993年先後創立翊達通供應鏈管理有限公司, 翊達海空貨運(香港)有限公司, 翊達環球聯運有限公司, 翊達國際物流有限公司等四個香港總公司, 並於1996年設立以深圳總公司, 之後為東莞, 廣州, 廈門及福州等分公司, 同時擁有自營倉庫及寫字樓及超過1000家海內外全球代理合作網絡及長期的合作夥伴。

他並於2013年及2015年先後獲得廈門大學高級管理人員工商管理碩士學位及香港中文大學物流和供應鏈管理學碩士學位, 同時也在2021年修完上海財經大學博士研究生結業證書, 社會活動曾擔任港澳台同鄉會副會長(2018-2021) ,及擔任台灣全球運籌商貿發展協會理事兼香港代表(二屆)

Mr. Alex Chan

Executive Committee

IMG-Mr. Alex Chan

Mr. Chan is Director in Supply Chain Management, Transport & Logistics with a unique background in operations management, management consulting and technology consulting. With 40+ years working experience, he starts as seafarer, working in shipping lines and logistics services providers responsible for operations, operations excellence, process re-engineering & business process transformation, internal SOP, Customer Solutions, External Connectivity, global supply chain control tower in top notch LSP & integrators servicing global, Asia Pacific region and China districts, including high-tech industry, customer goods, FMCG, Department Stores, home appliances manufacturers, automotive.
He received merchant officer training by OOCL and served onboard container ships and OBO ships, thence work in shore based position with NOL/APL, Cho Yang, Ben Lines, Zim Lines. Continue his career development he worked with Modern Terminals, DHL/Danzas, Sun Hung Kai Logistics, UPS, CEVA, LF Logistics at branch, regional and global capacity.

On professional development he joined ordinary membership with CILTHK in 2001 and has been an active participant at Institute events and activities. Currently Mr Chan is Chartered Fellow of CILTHK, Fellow Member of HKLA, Fellow Member of HKSTLA and Member of IPSHK. He has served as Chairman of HKSTLA in 2019-2020. Chairperson of Next Generation Committee of CILTHK 2020-2022 and has maintained close relations with various associations and institutes such as HKTDC, HKMPB, LSCM, GS1, HKPC, HKSTP. He actively promote the values of HK’s port, transport and logistics industry and promote it’s strategic position as Regional Hub and Spoke Maritime Port for physical cargo operations and efficient maritime value added professional services. Mr Chan possess a Master Degree in Operations & Logistics from MGSM, Australia.

Mr. Kingson Lee

Executive Committee


Kingson Lee has been serving the shipping and logistics industry since 1971 when container shipping was first brought into Hong Kong by an American shipping line.  He had established his own companies offering ocean shipping, airfreight, warehousing, trucking and project moves in the past 40 years.


Kingson joined HKSTLA in 1996 and became a council member since then.  He was elected as Chairman of HKSTLA on 2005-2006 and 2009-2010.  He was a council member of the Hong Kong Logistics Development Council and he also served on the Logistics Service Advisory Committee of the HKTDC.  Kingson also sit on the board of Transport Logistics Industy Training Group of VTC for 5 years.


Kingson is now the Director of Star Rainbow Logistics Hong Kong Limited offering transport and logistics services worldwide.

Mr. Eric Wong

Executive Committee

Eric Wong



Mr. Eric Wong has been the Director and CEO of Marina Container Lines (HK) Ltd, and Director of the Board, Logistics and Supply Chain MultiTech R&D Centre Limited, and SKH Shipping Ltd, and the CEO of Turbo Maritime Agency Ltd, a SME operator offering integrated logistics service in Hong Kong and China, since 2009.  

Prior to that, Mr. Wong was Senior Manager of Maersk Line, North Asia from 2006 to 2008, General Sales and Marketing Manager of P&O Nedlloyd Ltd (formerly P&O Containers Ltd) from 1994-2005, and Line Manager of various shipping principals under Swire Shipping (Agencies) Ltd since 1984. While his knowledge and experience of the logistics industry is extensive, his expertise is in strategic business development and human resources management. His current undertaking is business development in Myanmar where he set up his own office in 2014.

Mr. Kua Hock Eng

Executive Committee


Senior Vice President, North Asia Business / Research & Development , RCL Group 

Executive Director, Regional Container Lines Public Company Limited 

Fellow Member of The Hong Kong Institute of Directors 

Executive Director, Regional Container  Lines (H.K.) Limited (Subsidiary company) 

Executive Director, Regional Container Lines Shipping Co., Ltd (Subsidiary company) 

Executive Director of Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association

Mr. Matthew Cheng

Executive Committee


Mr Cheng Wai Kit, Matthew as a Corporate General Manager of Sea Freight of On Time Express Ltd. He has over 25 years of experience in operation and management of freight forwarding and logistics industry. Mr Cheng graduated from the

University of Huddersfield of the UK with a Bachelor’s Degree in Logistics. Mr Cheng had obtained a Master Degree of Corporate Governance from Hong Kong Baptist University in 2015. Mr Cheng has been elected as a full member of The Hong Kong Management Association in March 2007. Mr Cheng has been elected as a Deputy Chairman of Professional Managers’ Club of HKMA. Mr Cheng became a Chartered Member of The Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport in 2007. Mr Cheng as a Fellow Member of Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association. Mr Cheng is elected as an Executive Committee Member of the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association 2021 – 2022.

Mr. Sean Chan

Executive Committee

Sean Chan_photo_v1

Sub-Committee for 2021-2022

Membership & Election

Chairman: Mr. Matthew Cheng

Vice-Chairman: Dr. Simon Yuen

External Affairs 

Chairman: Mr. Kevin Koon

One belt one road & GBA

Chairman: Mr. Harman Ng

Vice-Chairman: Mr. Patrick Shee


Chairman: Mr. Sean Chan

IT Innovation

Chairman: Mr. Felix Wong