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HKSTLA Workshop (Hybrid mode) – How export/import control affects your business/ shipments

Export control refers to the regulation of the export of goods, software and technology. Some exports of dual-use goods will also be classified as strategic commodities under licensing control.

Despite of the fact that Hong Kong is a free port, export and import of some designated goods will be subject to licensing control. What is the reason behind the decision for export and import control?

In the past few years, the United States exercised more export control for export of goods to some destinations including Mainland China and Hong Kong SAR. Is there any international treaty to decide export control?

Who decides the export control and what commodity will be subject to export control? Any commodity which is under export control will be given a classification number. How does the classification number be constructed?

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to explore key issues in shipping, trading, and logistics with our expertise. We look forward to seeing you there.

Places are limited. Please book your seat now!! 

Event Details

When: 7 May 2024 (Tuesday)

Time: 19:00 PM – 21:00 PM

Venue: Tai Wai Campus, UOW College HK (right next to Tai Wai MTR)

Speaker: Mr. Louis Lee, an experienced logistics consultant/trainer

Format: Hybrid Mode (In-person & Online via Zoom)

Quota: 40

Language: mainly Cantonese with English terms

Admission Fee:
HK$100 for HKSTLA Mbr/Student Non-Mbr
HK$300 for Non-Mbr
FOC for HKSTLA Student Mbr

Places are limited, register NOW!


HKSTLA Networking Luncheon

📣📣 We would like to extend an invitation for you to join us for our Networking Lunch, where you can network with industry peers and engage in discussions about the latest trends in logistics and supply chain management.

Seats are limited, so book now to avoid disappointment!  Please be our guest and enjoy!

Event Details

When: 3 May 2024 (Friday)

Time: 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Venue: Victoria Harbour Supreme, Shop 310A, 3/F, Maritime Square 1, 31-33 Tsing King Road, Tsing Yi

Admission Fee:
HK$250 for HKSTLA Mbr
HK$350 for Non-Mbr

Places are limited, register NOW!


邀請 HKSTLA會員加入 WHATSAPP 平台「航運恊會Business Connect 2023」新群


鑑於香港營商環境不繼改變,會員之間的互動起著重要作用,本會增設 WHATSAPP 平台「航運恊會Business Connect 2023」新群組,望藉此渠道讓會員更緊密聯系,互通業界消息,互助互利,以維持企業競爭力,有助行業可持續發展。大家除可在本會的群組內分享市場動向外,亦可透過其此平台互相交流,也同時協助企業們尋找合作營商的夥伴,拓展新發展和新機遇。

如 貴司/閣下有意參加此群組, 請撥冗到此連結 填妥簡單表格以便秘書處安排。請提交現時貴司的業務性質,產品種類等資料供秘書處參考 以便安排往後會員之間的合作事議。




邀請 HKSTLA會員加入 LSCM eSPP News 平

LSCM eSPP News 流動應用程式是由物流及供應鏈多元技術研發中心 (簡稱LSCM) 研發的成果。 LSCM 由香港特別行政區政府之創新及科技基金撥款資助於2006年成立。自成立以來,LSCM一直致力於研發促進物流及供應鏈之相關行業發展的各種技術,並協助香港和中國內地各行各業採用有關技術。

eSPP 是香港智慧港口平台,亦是一個支援智慧港口發展的信息基建試驗平台。香港航運物流協會 (HKSTLA) 作為該項目的支持機構之一,HKSTLA 會員可下載「LSCM eSPP News」流動應用程式,並可登入LSCM eSPP 新聞網站 《HKSTLA 專用群組》發佈及交流有關智慧港口的資訊,亦作為業界新聞及會員之間的交流平台。 此平台現已正式啓用,大家可以立即免費下載 LSCM eSPP News 和登入平台喇!



Past Events


HKSTLA workshop on ” How export/import control affects your business/ shipments “

The online and offline workshop on ” How export/import control affects your business/ shipments ” organized by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (“HKSTLA”) was successfully held on May 7, 2024.

Mr. Louis Lee, Honorary Secretary of the HKSTLA and Commissioner of the Academic & Youth Engagement Committee, shared a special workshop on export and import controls, with a focus on discussing the differences between export control regulations in Hong Kong and the US.

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Visit to Hong Kong International Airport and Networking luncheon

On May 3, HKSTLA members and industry friends visited Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA).  They met with Mr. Ricky Lee, Executive Director of Engineering and Technology at Airport Authority Hong Kong, Ms. Lily Lai, Chief Information Officer and the management team. Participants were introduced to the latest developments in the “Smart Airport City” and major infrastructure projects, including the three-runway system, brand new airport experience and smart airport initiatives.

Afterwards, the group visited the HKIA Innovation Lab, New Integrated Airport Center (IAC), and Autonomous Electric Tractor (AET) operations to learn about the latest technologies such as Single Token Travel Experience, Autonomous Electric Tractor and indoor patrol robots.

Following the tour, members gathered for a networking luncheon, where they shared their insights and inspirations from the visit, fostering industry cooperation and exchange. It was a pleasant and fruitful afternoon for all participants, and it is hoped that such activities will bring more collaboration opportunities and
inspiration to the industry.

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HKSTLA seminar on “Impact of Logistics under de-risking and trade pattern changes”

The seminar on “Impact of Logistics under de-risking and trade pattern changes” organized by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (“HKSTLA”) was successfully held on March 4, 2024.

Mr. Louis Lee, Honorary Secretary of the HKSTLA and Commissioner of the Academic & Youth Engagement Committee, shared the impact of de-risking and changes in trade patterns on logistics in Hong Kong, and discussed future trade models for supply chains under de-risking.

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The visit to the Sun Hing Logistics Services Ltd.

The visit to the Sun Hing Logistics Services Ltd. was successfully completed on March 1, 2024.

The event was led by Mr. Alex Chan, Chairman of the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (“HKSTLA), and Dr. Peter Wong of the Department of Logistics and Maritime Studies at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, who led more than thirty students from the MTR Academy to visit the Sun Hing Logistics Services Ltd. (“Sun Hing”). Sun Hing has been operating for over 70 years and is one of the largest Container Freight Station (CFS) operators in Hong Kong.

During the visit, we were very grateful for Mr. Albert Kan, Senior Manager – Operations of Sun Hing Logistics Services Ltd., who personally explained the operations of the company. The students gained an in-depth understanding of Sun Hing’ operation and business practices. The management team led the students to visit the warehouse facilities, providing them with firsthand experience of Sun Hing’ professional standards in cargo management and container distribution. In addition, they had in-depth discussions with the students, sharing their experiences and insights into achieving success in the field of logistics.

The Chairman hopes that through this visit, students will have gained valuable insight into the actual operation of the logistics industry. He also hopes that through interaction and exchange with the academic and industry, it will promote the development of the logistics industry and further inspire students’ interest in the industry and cultivate more students and professionals who are aspiring to work in the logistics industry for its future.

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HKSTLA Smart Logistics Day: Visit To Cainiao and Spring Lunch

The visit to the Cainiao Smart Gateway and the Spring Luncheon organized by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association ended successfully on February 28, 2024.

During the visit to the Cainiao Smart Gateway, we explored the innovation and development of logistics technology. Participants had the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the excellent performance of the Cainiao Smart Gateway in cross-border logistics, warehouse management, and freight transportation services, opening up new perspectives in the field of logistics technology.

Subsequently, members gathered at the Spring Luncheon to share the new insights and inspirations gained during the visit. During the luncheon, everyone not only enjoyed delicious food, but also had the opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions on logistics technology, business collaboration, and promote industry cooperation and exchange, making it a pleasant afternoon.

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The seminar on “Hong Kong Shipping & Logistics Industry: Strategy & Innovative Development for the Future”

The seminar on “Hong Kong Shipping & Logistics Industry: Strategy & Innovative Development for the Future” was organized by Incu-Lab and Community Development Initiative and co-organized by Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA), and The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council on February 22, 2024 (Thu), was a remarkable success.

The seminar featured Mr. Alex Chan, Chairman of the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association, Mr. Sunny Ho, MH, JP, FCILT, Executive Director of the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council, and Ir Elsa Yuen, President of the Hong Kong Logistics Association as guest speakers. They engaged in in-depth discussions with the industry on various challenges Hong Kong faces, such as industrial transformation, the competition of various cities in Asia, the pandemic, changes in talent resources, and technological development, and shared various possibilities for the development and transformation of Hong Kong.

Event Review–p


HKSTLA x HKQAA  seminar on 「HKQAA ESG Connect Program」

The seminar “HKQAA ESG Connect Program” co-organized by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA) and the Hong Kong Quality Assurance Agency (HKQAA) was successfully held on February 1, attracting members from different professional fields.

The seminar invited Mr. Carson Yeung, Assistant General Manager, Intelligence Business of the HKQAA, and Ms. Wendy Cheung, Account Manager of the HKQAA, as guest speakers to explain to the industry that ESG sustainable development has become a global trend. As service providers and logistics suppliers, businesses need to integrate ESG principles into their operations. They also shared how the HKQAA ESG Connect Program can help companies expand their business and create a business environment with governance concepts to achieve sustainable development.

It is hoped that this seminar can help members better understand and practice ESG.

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Celebrating HKSTLA 29th Anniversary With Smart Logistics Tour And Luncheon

On December 18, 2023 (Monday), the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (“HKSTLA”) visited Empower SCM Ltd and celebrated its 29th anniversary with a luncheon attended by over 70 members and industry friends.

The smart logistics tour aimed to observe how the latest smart logistics technology can be used, including the application of AMR robots combined with automated warehouse systems to optimize the entire logistics operations and increase inventory levels. It also introduced the use of multiple ” Mini Yellow Robot” to improve work efficiency and increase revenue. The General Manager of Empower SCM Ltd, Mr. Ben Au, and his colleagues provided professional explanations, and the chairman, members, and participants engaged in real-time discussions and interactions.

Following the tour, the participants attended the 29th annual luncheon, where they were honored to have Hon. Frankie Yick, GBS, JP as the guest of honor and speaker. Mr. Alex Chan, Chairman of HKSTLA, thanked the executive committee members for their support over the past year and announced the restructuring of the Academic Engagement Committee to the “Academic & Youth Engagement Committee,” with four main areas of focus: Training, Academic Engagement, Mentorship, and Youth Society, each to be led by designated executive committee members, Mr. Louis Lee, Mr. Sean Chan, Mr. Lance So and Mr. Marky Mak. This restructuring aims to further support and facilitate interactions and connections between universities and young members. The chairman also announced the establishment of the “ESG & Sustainability Committee”, which he will lead, to implement the latest green logistics trends and sustainability strategies in the logistics industry and transportation management.

We are pleased to announce that our association has invited 5 new members to join as CO-OPT members, Dr. Andy Sun, Mr. Kammy Leung, Mr. Marky Mak, Mr. Jason Lam and Mr. Eugene Tan. These new members will bring fresh ideas and energy to the association, and will play an important role in future activities and projects. We look forward to working with them and collaborating to drive the development and growth of our association. Let’s work together to build a brighter future for our association. Finally, he wished everyone an early Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Mr. Ben Au, the General Manager of Empower SCM Ltd, was also invited as a guest speaker at the luncheon, where he shared insights on smart logistics technology and automation trends, as well as how to coordinate and manage all tasks within the warehouse to improve logistics efficiency. Members and industry friends enjoyed the luncheon, exchanging the latest industry information and spending a pleasant afternoon together.

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Hong Kong Maritime Week 🛳️ HKSTLA x HKSC x GS1HK seminar | Navigating towards Smart Port and Logistics 2.0

The “Navigating Towards Smart Port and Logistics 2.0” seminar jointly organized by the Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA), the Hong Kong Shippers’ Council (HKSC), and the GS1 Hong Kong (GS1HK) was successfully held this afternoon (23 Nov), attracting participation from over 50 members.

Mr. Alex Chan, Chairman of HKSTLA, and Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 HK, delivered welcome and closing remarks at the seminar. It was also a great honor to have Mr. Willy Lin, Chairman of HKSC, as the guest of honor.

A total of 7 prestigious speakers were invited to this seminar to share and discuss Hong Kong’s major core digitalization projects, the creation of a city-wide smart trade and logistics center, as well as a deep understanding of the Hong Kong Smart Port platform, and the trade facilitation and customs clearance through a single window facility. All participants were enthusiastic and actively engaged, exchanging insights and benefiting greatly from the discussions.

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HKSTLA Happy Hour Gathering on 9 November 2023 (Thu)

On November 9th, HKSTLA’s Market Engagement Committee (MEC) to organize a Happy Hour event. The event had over 70 members and industry friends enthusiastically participating, enjoying delicious snacks and drinks, while engaging in friendly conversations with members and exploring business opportunities in a relaxed atmosphere.

We would like to express our heartfelt appreciation to GeekPlus for their generous sponsorship and support, which greatly contributed to the successful and smooth execution of the event.

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Smart Logistics Day: Visit to TAHUHU and HKSTLA Networking Lunch on 12 October 2023 (Thu)

The HKSTLA Members and industry friends visited the TAHUHU and Networking Lunch on 12 October 2023. It is our honour to have Mr. Keith Chan, CEO of TAHUHU, as the Guest Speaker for our luncheon.

Mr. Keith Chan, the CEO of TAHUHU introduced the Hong Kong’s first provides CSA Cold Chain Innovation and intelligent automation technology cold storage warehouse offering seamless local cold chain logistics and distribution services to HKSTLA Chairman Mr. Alex Chan and Vice-Chairman Ms. Bonnie Ip and all participants.

During the luncheon, he shared his insights on cold chain logistics with the application of logistics 4.0 and how the smart automation technologies ensure a truly seamless transportation process for goods and guarantee optimal quality and safety of various products throughout the transportation process.

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HKSTLA Networking Luncheon on 15 August 2023 (Tue)

Herewith the link to some of the memorable moments captured on camera for your records, please visit our Facebook or Linkedin as following:-

Short link for
Facbook: 【Please “Like” our facebook page for latest updates, Thank you】

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Looking forward to seeing you in other future activities!


2023年5月8日(星期一) 香港航運物流協會(HKSTLA) 第 21 屆執委會第三次籌備工作會議在香港貨品編碼協會(GS1HK)辦公室舉行。會議由執委會主席陳秉友先生主持, 向與會委員報告了工作進度,並與各位委員商討往後的活動。
在工作會議結束後,本會非常榮幸邀請到四位名譽顧問包括航運交通界 易志明議員, SBS, JP,香港貨品編碼協會總裁 林潔貽女士,粵港船運商會有限公司會長 楊美芳女士及香港物流採購與供銷學會 何英傑主席,一起共聚晚宴,互相交流, 加強聯繫。



2023年4月27日香港航運物流協會主席陳秉友先生應邀參觀招商局港口集團我國首個由傳統碼頭升級改造而成的自動化港口 – 媽灣智慧港。



HKSTLA and POLYU HKCC co-organized a visit to Empower Platinum E-Commerce Center on 18 March 2023.

Empower showcased the latest in Smart Logistics, including AI and Geek+ AMR robots for their warehouse, streamlining logistics operations through advanced robotics. The delegates gained valuable insights into the warehouse management model and logistics automation system in Hong Kong.

For more photos, please click HERE.


HKSTLA Happy Hour Gathering was successfully held on 16 March 2023. Attendees were able to enjoy drinks and snacks while engaging in fruitful conversations and building new relationships. The event enhanced networking among members and explored new business opportunities.

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To help the logistics industry understand more about the Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers (TPLSP) to encourage the adoption of technology by the logistics sector for enhancing efficiency and productivity, a sharing session on “TPLSP” was jointly organised by Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA) and Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) at HKPC Building on 24 February 2023. Mr. Alex Chan, Chairman of HKSTLA welcome all participants in his welcome speech and envisioned to host more activities in the future, to assist Hong Kong’s logistics sector to enhance competitiveness. GoDigital, Go Smart GoExcellence Let’s work together to build Hong Kong into Smarter Supply Chain & Logistics Hub for GBA / RCEP!

Distinguished guest speakers including:
– Mr. Felix Wong. Sales Director, Acquaintance Enterprises Limited
– Mr. Rex Cheng, Vice President, Tradelink Electronic Commerce Limited

For more photos, please click HERE.


2022年12月19日(星期一)香港航運物流協會(HKSTLA) 第 21 屆執委會第三次籌備工作會議暨就職晚宴

籌備會議由新一屆執委會主席陳秉友先生主持, 向與會委員報告了籌備工作情況,並與各位委員商討來屆願景, 使命及策略,為香港航運物流作出應有的貢獻。

會議結束後, 第 21 屆執委會就職晚宴隨即舉行。 非常感謝各位委員出席會議及晚宴, 並積極參與會務, 各出奇謀。 我們期望新一屆執委會於新一屆主席的英明領導和執委會之群策群力下,本會會務會有更多元的發展,會務蒸蒸日上,更能做到「精英共聚 航向未來」。


Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA), The Hong Kong Shippers’ Council (HKSC) and GS1 Hong Kong (GS1HK) successfully co-organised the Seminar on “Navigation Towards Smarter Port and Logistics” on 24 November 2022 (Thursday).  The seminar attracted over 50 participants engaged online and offline.


We are very honored to have invited seven distinguished guest-speakers from the logistics industry to share experiences and insights on Smart Port, Smart supply chain management and Case sharing, etc.

The guest-speakers included:

– Mr. Alex Chan, the Chairman (2023-2024) of Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association

– Mr. Michael Yip, the Chief Innovation Officer of Modern Terminals Limited

– Mr. Philip Ho, the Chief Executive Officer of OnePort Limited

– Mr. Lance So, the Global Business Product Owner of Maersk

– Ms. Mignone Cheng, the Chief Marketing Officer, GS1 Hong Kong

– Ms. Ivy Tse, Co-Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, FreightAmigo

– Mr. Cliff Sullivan, the CEO of GTS Smart Logistics Limited


During the session, Mr. Alex Chan and Ms. Anna Lin, Chief Executive of GS1 Hong Kong both sent greetings to all.  In Ms. Anna Lin closing remarks, thank you all speakers and guests for their attendance and active participation and for all the hard work done that led to a successful outcome.

For more photos, please click HERE.


HKSTLA and Receivable Management Services (HK) Ltd (RMS) jointly organised the webinar “Effective Credit Strategy and Overseas Debt Collection Techniques-Amid Pandemic Outbreak” was successfully held on 6 September.

In this webinar, we were delighted to have Mr. Norris Chan, Consultant – Receivable Management Services (HK) Ltd to be the guest speaker to share his strategies on default risk warning and debt recovery management for international trades, by integrating risks forecasts and market researches, through the application of iQor RMS’ Big Data analytics and global debt collection experiences.

For more photos, please click HERE.


HKSTLA and HKLMSA jointly organised the workshop “Payment/Tax Issues for doing freight business (cross-boundary and domestics) with China” was successfully held on 29 August.

During the workshop, our expert speaker Mr. Louis Lee explained the VAT tax in China and how WHT tax can be exempted.  Participants actively partook in the workshop and had a fruitful exchange of ideas.

For more photos, please click HERE.


Hong Kong Sea Transport and Logistics Association (HKSTLA) with Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited (C&T) and Cyberport arranged the webinar「2022 Cyberport Enterprise Solution Show」on 11 August. IT Innovation Sub-Committee Chairman of HKSTLA, Mr. Felix Wong greeted all speakers in the opening speech.

We are glad to have Mr. Tim Lo – Head of Sales of Computer And Technologies Holdings Limited, Ms. Josephine Au – The Secretariat of “Pilot Subsidy Scheme for Third-party Logistics Service Providers” Manager of Hong Kong Productivity Council, Ms. Clara Hong – Senior Manager – Partnership Development of Ecosystem Development, Mr. Vincent Poon – Co-founder & CEO of Zhenhub Technologies Limited, and Mr. Alvin Lee – General Manager of Pakpobox Hong Kong Limited as guest speakers for this webinar. They have explained with participants on the effective use of government funding and shared the logistics technology solutions to enhance efficiency and productivity.

For more photos, please click HERE.


Blume Global and HKSTLA organized the「First to Last Miles Cargo Management」industry sharing session on 4 Aug 2022 successfully.  The industry sharing session invited experienced speaker to share technology solutions that can help enchance supply chain efficiency and cargo management experience.  Participants also actively asked questions during the sharing session for in-depth exchange.

For more photos, please click HERE.


「香港資訊保安展望2022」專題分享網上研討會於6月10日(星期五)完滿結束。本次活動誠邀 HKCERT 為會員講解網絡安全重要性,即時解答會員提問,提供專業意見及知識, 免受網絡攻擊威脅。


HKSTLA x HKLMSA 於5月30日(星期一) 成功舉辦【The impact of Sino-US Trade War /US Export Control】工作坊,邀請到李恩霖先生(Mr. Louis Lee) 星級專家為大家分析及評論,令會員對中美貿易戰影響及最新消息有更多了解,與會員作即時交流。